2016, The Fall of Assad?

‘Ramadi falling’, the retreat of IS

‘Meanwhile in Sudan, old story vs. young children’

‘Desi does it again’, the ungoing legal obstruction by Surinam president Desi Bouterse in case of the December Murders.

‘Meanwhile in Homs’

‘It’s Summertime!’

‘God bless Jerusalem’

Pyonyang wishes you a booming 2016!

‘Su24 down’, Turkey’s tricky business with Russia

Times shortlist nr.2' Person of the Year 2015' Al Baghdadi

Martin Luther King Day

IS vs. UNESCO, the destruction of World Heritage

‘Pakistan Blues’, suicide attack on marketplace, Peshawar, Pakistan

A big industrial fire at the countryside, Moerdijk

The case of Demjanjuk, the butcher from Sobibor

Arrest of Cosa Nostra Boss Domenico' The Vegetarian'

In memoriam, Ramses Shaffy

Images from the internetblog Prentenjournaal.nl (The Image Journal) an experimental visual newsblog capturing news in sketches and drawings.